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Training Course:
Leadership Excellence®

Course Objectives:

This course prepares the team leader to effectively lead his or her team to successful performance. The team leader will learn the characteristics and competencies of successful leaders, and more importantly, how to apply those skills to benefit the firm, its people and its customers. The course is based on proven, practical leadership skills that contribute to success, not the latest management "theory of the week" or "flavor of the month" that appears from time-to-time only to disappear because it is too theoretical, too complicated or just doesn't work.

Who Should Attend:

Team leaders, supervisors and those who have potential for future leadership positions.

Course Summary:

The course presents practical leadership strategies and skills in a discussion/exercise based learning environment. It is designed to help team leaders increase their leadership effectiveness within their own team and promote the benefits of cooperation and teamwork with other leaders in the organization. Upon completion of the course, the participants will be prepared to:

  • Apply proven and validated skills and competencies of successful leaders.

  • Identify their own leadership styles and employ that knowledge to lead others.

  • Employ the principles of ethical decision making to make ethical business decisions.

  • Apply the principles of power and influence strategies to achieve organizational goals.

  • Apply the Team Excellence Model™ to lead his or her team to excellent performance.

The course is taught by successful mid- and senior-level leaders who also possess superior communication and presentation skills. They have taught more than 200 leadership courses throughout the U.S. and internationally. This unique blend of real-world leadership experience combined with strong teaching skills makes this course a valuable leadership resource for team leaders.

How Long/Where:

This 2 - 3 day course can be taught at BENATECH's headquarters or our client's selected site. The 3-day version offers additional role plays and case studies and is our most popular course.

Course Format:

The students learn through a variety of activities especially chosen to reinforce the principles being taught. These include:

  • Class discussions
  • Simulations
  • Case studies
  • Leadership Self-Assessment Instrument
  • Role plays
  • Videos



"The program was practical and relevant to the leadership challenges faced by the managers in my business region. The feedback I received both verbally and from the evaluation forms was highly positive and extraordinarily complimentary toward BENATECH and Barry Benator."

Vice President
International Engineering Services

"Excellent course. It was a practical leadership course based on research."
"Excellent material, presentation and interaction."
"Will recommend it to others."

Association of Energy Engineers
Course Evaluation Comments

"I felt the workshop was very effective. Gave me new tools to work with."
"Barry was a great instructor. Thanks."
"The class participation was great."
"Excellent video to demonstrate leadership skills!"

Equifax, Inc.
Course Evaluation Comments

"The best leadership course I have taken in 14 years as a supervisor."
"An exceptional instructor."
"Excellent instructor. Real world."

Warner Robins Air Logistics Center
Course Evaluation Comments

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