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BENATECH is pleased to provide answers to questions of interest to our clients and potential clients. If we have not dealt with your issue on this page, please feel free to contact us.
  1. Who are BENATECH's typical clients?

  2. What special recognition has BENATECH and its staff received?

  3. How long has BENATECH been in business?

  4. What has been BENATECH's record of performance?

  5. How do I know your training will meet my needs?

  6. Do you recommend leadership training for new leaders soon after they have been selected for promotion, or after they have been in the job for several months or more?

  7. What about mid-level managers and executives? They have been in leadership positions for several years; what course(s) do you recommend for them?

  8. I see from the Training Services part of your website, you have a number of specialized courses, such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Win - Win Negotiation Skills. How do these courses fit in with your other course offerings?

  9. For your interim management services, how do you succeed in turning around a department or project that is performing below expectations?



"A note to express my appreciation for the superb services you have provided to our firm. You exceeded customer expectations and my expectations."

C. Dean Alford
A&C Enercom, Inc.

"Your people have worked diligently and conscientiously, and your firm has demonstrated a very strong commitment to excellence, a devotion to duty that reflects great credit upon themselves and BENATECH.

Thomas C. Russell
Chief, Engineering Section
2853d Civil Engineering Squadron
Robins Air Force Base, GA

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