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Every business has issues that do not respond to standard solutions. BENATECH is often retained to provide a detached, impartial look at those issues and recommend creative solutions so the business can focus on its primary missions.

Serving as confidential, trusted advisors to management on critical issues such as staffing, teamwork, coaching, personality conflicts, dealing with difficult people and other key management functions, BENATECH finds solutions missed by conventional thinking.

Consulting Services


  • Skills identification
  • Interviewing
  • Performance improvement

Team Building

  • New teams / New projects
  • Revitalize existing teams


  • Managers/Leaders
  • Key employees
  • Dealing with difficult people

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)


"Thank you for the excellent consulting support on the difficult project I asked you to look at recently. You handled a sensitive issue with great skill and tact, and helped diffuse a situation that had developed into somewhat of a predicament. Your leadership in dealing with both the people issues and the technical aspects of the problem resulted in a resolution that allowed us to move ahead on the other issues we needed to address."

Lieutenant Colonel
Army National Guard
Program Manager

"Barry, you will certainly be missed. You have left your mark here at APCO with the improved systems you have set up, and we will continue to be the beneficiaries of your having been here. Thanks for all you have done for us."

Project Manager
Alabama Power Company

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