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Interim Management


BENATECH provides experienced consultants to serve as interim management for our client companies. Our seasoned professionals have been retained to startup new projects, turnaround troubled projects or manage existing projects. When the mission has been accomplished, we help interview for our replacement and work with our clients to hire a permanent manager at the appropriate time.

Interim Management Services

Startup New Projects

  • Assume ownership as project manager
  • Develop project plan
  • Staff the project
  • Organize for success
  • Lead project team members
  • Monitor for results
  • Help hire replacement

Manage Existing Projects or Departments

  • Upon transfer/departure of existing manager
  • Take over existing project or department
  • Fulfill corporate/customer commitments until new manager is assigned
  • Help hire replacement

Turnaround/Save Troubled Projects or Operations

  • Assume full responsibility
  • Objective - Save the project or operation
  • Troubleshoot existing problems and issues
  • Identify solutions
  • Implement solutions and achieve turnaround
  • Help hire replacement



"Barry, on behalf of A&C Enercom, I want to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your exemplary performance in the Alabama telecommunications project. Prior to your taking over as project manager, this project was in trouble — revenues were at the lowest point since the project began, staffing was too low to get the job done and the customer had lost confidence in our ability to achieve desired results. Loss of the project was a definite possibility.

"Within three months after A&C retained you to be project manager, you completely turned this project around. In that time, you increased productivity by more than 500%. Customer confidence in A&C Enercom soared. Because of your efforts, we not only retained the project, the customer renewed it for another year."

Paul Conlan
Vice President
A&C Enercom

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