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Conceived and conducted under the precept that the fundamental purpose of any business training program is to achieve a positive change in performance back on the job, BENATECH's courses are designed to deliver practical, real-world business skills that participants can take back to their job and make a difference.

Each course is designed to ensure active involvement of the participants. The result is a set of courses in which the participants are an integral part of the learning process, not just observers of it.

Courses include lecture, discussion, videos, case studies, role plays and simulation of real-world situations. Additionally, when appropriate, classes include leadership and personality style assessment instruments. The content and length of courses can be modified to suit your particular needs.

The Courses

Leadership Excellence®
The course presents practical leadership strategies and skills in a discussion/exercise based learning environment.
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Managerial Leadership™
This course is designed to help mid- and senior-level managers increase their leadership effectiveness, both within their own areas of responsibility, and as a member of the company's management team.
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People Management - Advanced Leadership
This course will help the leader/manager successfully navigate the day-to-day challenges of management responsibilities.
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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
This course will help unleash the power of understanding, cooperation and teamwork within the organization.
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Customer Service Excellence™
In the 21st century, with competition increasing and price-conscious customers shopping the Internet to find low prices, customer service will be a decisive factor in determining who wins and keeps the customer.
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Project Management Excellence™
This course will enable the project manager and his or her project team to manage projects to on-time, on-budget, customer-satisfying conclusions.
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Coaching For Performance™
This course will enable the leader/manager to effectively coach and counsel his or her staff to meet or exceed corporate expectations and standards.
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Conflict Management
This course equips participants with the necessary tools to better manage their interpersonal relationships and channel the energy they formerly expended in dealing with unnecessary conflict into productive accomplishment of team and company goals.
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Win - Win Negotiating Skills™
This course provides participants with the background, principles and practical tools to help them become successful win - win negotiators.
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Presentation Skills
This course provides the knowledge, skills and practice to help individuals and teams increase their presentation performance.
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How To Run Effective Business Meetings
This course provides participants with the background, principles and practical tools to help them lead effective business meetings.
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"The program was practical and relevant to the leadership challenges faced by the managers in my business region. The feedback I received both verbally and from the evaluation forms was highly positive and extraordinarily complimentary toward BENATECH and Barry Benator."

Vice President
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